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In case you didn't know: If the first Pokemon in your party has Synchronize, wild Pokemon have a 50% chance of having the same nature as it. This is the other affect Synchronize has, as well as sharing status ailments.

But I was wondering, would this still work if I were to put a Pokemon with Synchronize at the front of my party and I encountered a legendary Pokemon at the stage of the game when you find it? Because it wouldn't really count as a 'wild' Pokemon, as its not in the wild.

And also, if it does work, and I was doing this for the roaming legendary bird encounter in X/Y, at what stage would I have to put the Pokemon with synchronize at the front of my party? When you first find it, or when you can first catch it?



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Yes, It works.

I've read about it on many forums where people said that they got their modest Moltreses and other legendaries. I know forums aren't 100% accurate but if it happens to many people it has to be true. It should work the first time you catch it.

I'm looking for more sources and I'll update my answer later.

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OK. So do you mean you don't have to have the synchronize pokemon out first before when you can catch it in the sea spirits den?
I got an modest moltres without synchronize :3
The nature and the IVs of the bird are only determined once it settles down,