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For example, say I have an espeon with synchronize and I changed her nature from adamant to modest using a mint. Will the wild Pokemon I encounter have adamant natures (original) or modest natures (new from the mint)?

edit: fixed the phrasing (referred to the wrong nature as the original in my example)

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The way you have this question written is ambiguous. You say that it is being changed from adamant to modest, but that would make adamant the original, not modest...
But you should still understand the premise of the question -- if a Mint is used, will the overworld effect of Synchronize spread the original Nature, or the Nature supplied via the Mint?

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Original nature. Mints only change the stats, not the actual nature. You will find more Adamant Pokemon in your example.
Source https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/naturechanging.shtml

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Was just typing the same question on here and I saw this come up; so thankyou both haha.