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Like say you have a Breloom and it knows Technician, will something like Bullet Seed have Technician effect EVERY one of the 2 - 5 hits it can make?

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Dat multi-hot move. :P edited.

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Yes, each individual hit is boosted, which is why it's popular with Cinccino and Breloom. Skill Link is also an ability to look at.

Keep in mind that you'll want something so that it actually hits a decent number of times, because two hits won't do much good.



Algebra tells use that it's the same by collectively adding the moves than it is by counting each boost individually.

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Good to know! Cinchinno is another one!
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Yes, it boosts every hit. Say, a Life Orb boosts a Move mentioned, it will boost each move, but take damage for only 1 hit though.

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Cool! That's awesome!!
Yeah, that explains things like Cloyster or Breloom.