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Like will a Dragon Gem make both hits in Dual Chop bp 60 or just the first?


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Yeah, it boosts the base power which is what is taken into consideration when it hits multiple times

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Thanks bro. that's what i needed :)
No prob i forgot to mention Source: Experience and i researched it
Sweet. that helps.

so how OP is a Skill Link Cloyster with Ice Gem using Icicle Spear???
That would be EPIC
Or a Pokemon with bullet seed and grass gem
Yeah, until the second use
Well Cloyster with Skill Link still would be. Skill Link makes any Multihit move (Rock Blast, Pin Missle, Spike Cannon, Bullet Seed, Icicle Spear) always hit 5 times. so Icicle Spear with bp 25 x1.5(STAB) = 37 bp x1.5+Ice Gem) = 55 bp x 5 hits*Cloyster Attack(factor Shell Smash) = PAIN.
Even after the Gem is gone, 5 hits from a 37 bp attack from +2 Atk/+2 Spd Cloyster....still gonna say that hurts B3N :)