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Rollout inflicts damage over five turns, doubling in power for each consecutive hit. The power will reset after five turns or if Rollout is interrupted. The power of Rollout is also doubled if Defense Curl has been used previously by the Pokémon and the user has remained in battle since then. -bulbapedia

so if i gave my pokemon a rock gem the first use it would be 60base power does that mean it will be 120 on the second then 240, 480, 960
or would it go 60, then 60 then 120 and so does the gem effect the whole chain

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Also is that a good competative strat

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No. Rock Gem does not effect the whole chain, so it would be 60-60-120-240-480. This is not a good strategy, as you would be trapped for five turns, without healing, and the opponent would often switchout to a resistant type.