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I have a Pokemon holding a Normal Gem and it uses Assist. Would any move I get have a power boost or would only a normal type move like Hyper Beam get the boost after using Assist


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Normal Gem is consumed in the process of applying its multiplier in the damage formula, so it only applies if the move happens to be Normal-type when you get to that step. If a calling move replaces the original move with something else that's not Normal-type, or if an effect changes the move type itself away from Normal, it does so before it ever touches the damage formula, and that check will not see it.

Some examples may be in order.

Things that do trigger Normal Gem
Using Assist (a Normal-type calling move) with Infernape and getting Judgment
Using Mirror Move (a Flying-type calling move) with Pidgeot and getting Revelation Dance
Using Thunderbolt with a Delcatty whose ability is Normalize
Using Weather Ball while no weather is in effect

Things that don't trigger Normal Gem
Using Assist with Spinda and getting V-create
Using Hyper Beam with a Sylveon whose ability is Pixilate
Using Weather Ball while there is weather in effect
Using Fake Out when it's not your first action (because the move fails before it gets as far as calculating damage)
Using Return right after the opponent used Protect
Using any move against a ghost (unless something negates the immunity, like Ring Target or Scrappy)
Using any move while Ion Deluge is in effect (if it would have been Normal-type before, it's Electric now)

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The answer is yes.

Generation V
It increases the power of the holder's first Normal-type move by 50%, and is consumed after use.

>Fling will fail if the user is holding a Normal Gem. Struggle will never consume a Normal Gem.

>Generation VI onwards
It increases the power of the holder's first Normal-type move by 30%, and is consumed after use.

It says that it increases the power of the holder's first Normal-type move. It does not say anywhere that the user has to select a Normal-type attack.

But power can only increase from attacks. If you held a normal gem and used Swords Dance it wouldn't consume the Gem. Assist starts as a non attacking move so it shouldn't consume the gem
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I tested it on Showdown and no, Normal Gem does not activate if a non-normal type move is selected from Assist.

Does it activate if the selected move is normal?
I assumed yes, and SadisticMystic's answer agrees. I guess I thought that was obvious.