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The game says it's treated as a Flying/Fighting move, so I'm checking if Flying Gem affects it.

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We don't know yet.

This is because in X/Y, Flying Gem is unobtainable, so we can't test. However this is unlikely, as Flying Press is an attack that is Fighting type, but has the added benefit of damaging with a Flying type identity.

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I Tested this on Showdown, and it doesnt affect it. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-customgame-5736

As you can see, Flying Press didn't use up the Flying Gem (if it did it would have said "Hawlucha's Flying Gem activated" or something along those lines).

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Yes, also in Showdown it says ''Hawlucha's item Flying Gem is unreleased.''
So this cannot be tested. Great answer +1
"MyIllogicalTheory", lol Indigo xD
You can't confirm it, Showdown wasn't made by Nintendo and Game Freak you know :P
I never did, terlor just wanted to show that it is even more unlikely with that replay.
I couldnt test on showdown beacause flying gem is unreleased
I have the flying gem in x and y (thanks powersaves) so I can test soon