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Hawlucha uses Flying Press on Dustox.

Being a Fighting-type move, Dustox's Bug/Poison typing will 4x resist it. However, the additional Flying-type damage is 2x effective against Dustox's Bug typing. Will Flying Press be supereffective, neutral, or resisted by Dustox?

If anyone wants to know how I came up wit this, I was being a mature young man and playing with my Hawlucha and Dustox figurines.

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2x Resistance.

It makes sense just thinking about it. Fighting isn't very effective to both types, and so is 4x resisted, so when only one is weak to flying, it would make it 2x rather than neutral, and certainly not SE.

but here's a battle for proof

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I thought so. I just thought it safest to double-check, because I've been known to make embarassing mistakes. Like assuming Magnezone resisted Water. (Steel/Electric just screams Water-resistant to me.)
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Using the move page, I was able to determine that it would do 1/2 damage, (1/2 on poison, 1 on bug).