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We all know the popular dual-typed attack that is Flying Press. Fighting/Flying-type damage is great. Take the likes of Sawsbuck and Abomasnow down with ease.

But with this dual-type move, I have some questions. When a Pokemon that is weak to Flying Press is holding a Coba Berry (which weakens super-effective Flying attacks), does it activate when Flying Press is used on the holder? If I had to guess I'd say no, since we already know STAB is only considered for the Fighting type, but who knows. There's the off chance it does count.


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The Coba Berry wont work because Flying Press' Flying type is merely a secondary effect, rather than an actual dual type.
Flying Press' actual type is Fighting so only a Chople Berry would work on it.


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thats obvious to him/her. He/Her just wants to know if the berry well work.
...and i answered that...
He/She already knows it's a secondary effect He/She just wants to know If the berry will work for the secondary effect.
"The Coba Berry wont work"
...i answered that...
you said the same thing I said but diffrent
Thanks for the answer. I figured it wouldn't work, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
Also I'm a dude, lol
lol ok I didn't know so I just put He/She.
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Flying Press is a Fighting type move so no the Coba Berry doesn't work.

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