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Hawlucha used flying press. It was super effective. Keckeleon Held on using It's focus sash.Keckleon color change changed its type to...
what would happen next?


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This is because it is technically a Fighting type move that just happens to do some Flying type damage. It is much like Freeze Dry s simply and Ice type move that is super-effective on Water types. At its core Flying Press is still a Fighting type move, so it will change Kecleon's type to Fighting. Ironically if you use it again on Kecleon, it will still be super-effective because Flying is super-effective on Fighting.

Source: I just used logic, so I haven't tested it or anything (is Kecleon even in X and Y?)

Yeah it is. It's in the Normal type Friend Safari.
oh right. I wasn't sure. Either way I don't have one so I can't test it.
You can also find it on route 6 if you look hard enough.
Flying press V kecleon = Success.
Hawlucha used flying press! It's super effective! Kecleon held on using it's focus sash! Kecleon turned into the fighting type!
Hawlucha used flying press! It's super effective! Kecleon fainted.
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It will turn to a Fighting type.

Flying Press is technically just a Fighting type move. But it has the added affect that it hits with the Flying type too, not the that move is a Flying type move.