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Weird... Royal Bank isn't in Bulbapedia. I thought it had everything.
KeldoRocks92, do you mean Royal Rank
Well he/she is acting like it is a place and Royal Rank is not.
I'm really sorry I put Royal Bank on my last answer I meant to put Royal Rank! Sorry about that please forgive me! X3

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If you're talking about Royal Rank not Royal Bank, I may have the solution.

Gates To Infinity Ranks

Normal Rank 0
Bronze Rank 50
Silver Rank 150
Gold Rank 350
Platinum Rank 700
Diamond Rank 1250
Super Rank 5000
Hyper Rank 10000
Master Rank 20000
Royal Rank 40000
Perfect Rank 99999

Just get to 40000 points to earn the rank. Hope I helped.

Source(s): http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

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oh ok thank you some one told me it was royal bank sorry
Yeah sorry about that KeldeoRocks92! :(