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So, I have battles with my step-brother and friends quite often, and I finally have my own Umbreon. I wanted it to be like an annoying Pokemon to face and to try to force them to switch out often to take entry hazard damage. This is my Umbreon as of now:

Umbreon (M) @ Leftovers
Bashful Nature

Faint Attack (STAB, never misses)
Toxic (Gradual Damage)
Moonlight (Healing, along with leftovers)
Confuse Ray (Lowers their chances of hurting me, and possibly hurting themselves)

I don't EV train because I don't have that kind of capability to handle it and I'll easily forget what I've trained in already.


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Payback over Faint Attack. Umbreon is not rather fast so it will usually be doubled. Protect over confuse ray so you can get healed by leftovers and the opponent gets hurt by toxic. Other than that fantastic set!

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Thank you :) I've used your recommendations, and my Umbreon has been a complete wall so far in White Treehollow (he's saved my team more than several times)