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I am playing on Pokemon Diamond, and have just gotten and breeded enough eevee's for every eeveelution :D
Right now my main wall was Umbreon, but is Vaporeon better?

Moveset (Still in training)
Hardy Nature - Level 54 Umbreon
Dark Pulse (STAB and just for training)
Toxic (Used for walling)
Last Resort
Confuse Ray

And my Vaporeon is only level one with the moves toxic, sand-attack, helping hand and tackle.


Vaporeon is an absolute douchebag in the rain :O
you dont have every eeveeloution. what about sylveon? >:D
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3 Answers

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Vaporeon is better in the rain because of Hydration, so it can just use status then spam Rest and get cured immediately. Outside of weather Umbreon is better because of its above average defensive stats 95/110/130. So go with Umbreon because permanent rain is unavailable in Diamond aside from Kyogre.

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A great waller is Umbreon. The usual Curse-Moonlight-Payback Umbreon is great, and few moves that are used in competitive battling often that are special are super effective. (I can only think of Signal beam, Bug buzz, Aura Sphere and Focus blast). Another Wall is Vaporeon, with Aqua ring. Since you have diamond, Pokemon cannot have hidden abilities, so Magic Bounce Espeon wont work, but even with no Magic Bounce, if you give it defencive EV's and teach it moves like Reflect and Light Screen, it can be a half-decent wall. At the end, I reccomend Umbreon, with amazing Defencive stats and decent attack.
I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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In Doubles, Umbreon and Vaporeon are equally dangerous. They both work well with trick room, and they are both bulky if you focus on their HP stat. I suggest running Umbreon in a sun-team because of Moonlight, and Vaporeon with rain dance because well... it's stronger than you think.