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Before I say anything, this question is directed for the Let’s Go games.

So, I recently caught an eevee and am wondering which evolution to evolve it into, and if anyone is happy to hand me a moveset aswell I’d appreciate it.

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Added the game you're playing to the title, hope this is OK.
I think Glaceon is good. But I don't have Let's Go, so I'm not sure.
Let's Go only has Gen 1 Pokemon, so you only have Flareon - Jolteon and Vapereon
@Rick Gastly - Oh yeah... (This is why I hate Let's Go).

Well then, I think that, maybe... Vaporeon would be good (with a bold nature, and Ice Beam!).

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First, this depends. If you want a fast Pokemon, I'd recommend Jolteon, perhaps with an attack or speed boosting nature. If you want a more bulky Pokemon, I'd recommend Vaporeon, with a defense or special defense boosting nature. And Flareon... Well, I don't particularly recommend Flareon unless you really like fire types.

Here, I left the stats here as reference. Hope this helps. Best of luck, ATE.