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I saw a video where Eevee just decides to headbutt the main character. I’ve never seen that reaction before and I’m interested in trying it myself

So far, I’ve concluded this was in handheld mode, but I’m not sure what else. What are all the ways you can get Partner Eevee to headbutt you?

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Most probably, it is because you don't play with it or use it in battles, due to which it is sad.
Flagging because the question is now unanswerable; the video is now private and we can't figure out what happened in it.
It’s not unanswerable; I literally explained what happened in the video. Eevee headbutts the trainer
I was gonna look through all the comments and potentially message the owner of the video asking about it, but that's no longer possible. If you can find the original channel, a way to access the video or the channel or videods related to that one, then that might help.

Also the fact that they made the video private suggests that they might have abused a glitch or something and don't want more public attention to it, I guess...
Update fizz said it was ok

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