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This guy was offering my eevee moves like "Baddy Bad" or "Bouncy Bubble", so does Let's Go have new moves?


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There are several categories of new moves:

New moves

Double Iron Bash (Melmetal)
Pika Papow (Pikachu-exclusive Partner Power)
Veevee Volley (Eevee-exclusive Partner Power)

Pikachu tutor moves

Zippy Zap
Splishy Splash
Floaty Fall

Eevee tutor moves

Bouncy Bubble
Buzzy Buzz
Sizzly Slide
Glitzy Glow
Baddy Bad
Sappy Seed
Freezy Frost
Sparkly Swirl


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Yes, new moves have been introduced in Let's Go, specifically signature moves for the special partner Pikachu/Eevee you start with.

On this page there are a list of the new moves introduced for the partner Pokemon.