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So I really thought that they were not gonna add new moves or etc at first, but boy I was wrong, it had 8 new moves, each has the typing of its evolution, and with afditional effects to boot. So please help me decide the best 4, here are the moves and descriptions

-Bouncy bubble (water type) 90 base power, special
Heals leeches 50% of the damage and turns it into own hp

-Sizzly slude (fire type) 90 base power, physical
Inflicts burn 100%

-Buzzy buzz (electric type) 90 base power, special
Inflicts paralysis 100%

-Glitzy glow (psychic type) 90 base power, special
Creates light screen on your team's side

-Baddy bad (dark type) 90 base power, special
Creates reflect on your team's side

-Sappy seed (grass type) 90 base power, physical
Gives leech seed to the opponent and recovers hp at the end of each turn

-Freezy frost (ice type) 90 base power, special
Resets all the stats of all active Pokemon on the field to 0

-Sparkly swirl (fairy type) 90 base power, special
Cures all the non-volatile status conditions of your team.

Thats all the moves, but I cant decide which 4 will be the best please help me. Thank you!

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Hope you don't mind a small change to the title. We don't actually allow moveset questions to be posted at a whim, so it is better this way for the maintenance of that system.
If someone wants to post a thread for Pikachu they may, however those are the only two exceptions I'll offer.
I know for one thing that The Psychic and Fairy type ones offer coverage against all Fighting-type Pokémon in Gen 1.
@Jay ze VünderTrainer, Aww, I was about to say that until I saw your comment.
So which 4 gives the most coverage?
If you go with grass/psychic/ice/double-edge, then you have one that's strong against every Elite 4 member and double-edge for STAB.
This looks like an opinion question with an infinite number of answers and that’s against the rules.
@Gr8 Pokémon Guy this can be answered statistically and objectively, it isn't against the rules.

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Here is what each type of Eevee's move tutor moves covers:

Grass, Ice, Bug, + Steel

Fire, Ground, + Rock

Water + Flying

Water, Ground + Rock

Grass, Ground, Flying, + Dragon

Fighting + Poison

Psychic + Ghost

Fighting, Dragon, + Dark

Now, Fire and Ice both cover the most with 4 each. Water, Grass, and Fairy cover 3 each.
So here is what they'll cover:

Fire, Grass2, Ice, Fighting, Ground2, Flying, Bug, Rock, Dragon2, Dark, Steel

Water, Grass2, Ice, Fighting, Ground2, Flying, Bug, Rock, Dragon2, Dark, Steel

In short, both movesets cover 11 types out of 18 in total.

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Just realized as I was answering: If your party has status problems, your "Sparkly Twirl" can be used to heal your team (also covers for your weakness to Fighting). If your stats are lowered, your "Freezy Frost" can be used to reset them. "Sizzly Slide" can be used to burn, literally, the competition (especially since Eevee's physical attack is better than its special). Then, you can heal yourself with either "Sappy Seed" or "Bouncy Bubble".

BOTH movesets doubly cover Grass, Ground, and Dragon. "Sappy Seed" is physical whereas "Bouncy Bubble" is special. One heals 1/8 HP whereas the other heals half amt of damage dealt.

In my opinion, go for "Bouncy Bubble" if you want move health quicker.
Wow thank you! Though i think crippling the enemy with both burn and leech seed is also ideal. But thank youuuuu!
Just a reminder, that this particular version of the game is mostly gen 1 pokemon. There are very few dark type pokemon and only 1 set of dragon type. So while fairy moves might sound good in theory, it's not very often that you'll be put up against them in the game. I'd probably only grab Sparkly swirl when you go up against the elite four for the final battle.
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I don't have Let's Go, but based off of your descriptions of the moves, I'd say Bouncy Bubble, Sizzly Slide, Buzzy Buzz, and Sappy Seed. Bouncy Bubble, to me, is obviously the best; a 90 base power Water-type Giga Drain is certainly powerful! While both are extremely strong, Sizzly Slide's 100% burn does conflict with Buzzy Buzz's 100% paralysis, so use them depending on what status you want the opponent to have. If you don't want to bother with choosing between both, choose your favorite replace the other with Sparkly Swirl. Fairy covers a lot of types and curing non-volatile statuses for your team (I assume like Aromatherapy?) is quite useful! And Sappy Seed is basically a damaging 100% accurate Leech Seed.
Eevee certainly got some strong new moves!

Thanks also for tha answer, ill consider it though
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If you choose Dark + Fire + Water + Fairy, you can cover 12 types in total:

Fire, Grass, Ice, Fighting
Ground, Psychic, Bug, Rock
Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel

I believe it is a better moveset without considering special effects.

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I actually made a spreadsheet detailing each move's type advantages and disadvantages, I also gave each type a color rating, indicating how common that type is in Kanto (except bug type, that one is based on the fact that bug type isn't really found anywhere besides Viridian Forest, and you wont be able to get any special moves before that anyways) I also gave each move a rating based on how many types it's good against, however take those ratings with a grain of salt, because those are really based on where I am in the game right now.


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Looking at individual Pokemon coverage (including Mega and Alolan forms but no meltan) rather than whole types then the moveset with the best coverage is:
at 1x Damage against 47 Pokemon and 2x damage or better against 137 Pokemon

If you include eevee's other moves not just its new ones then:
Fire/Electric/Fighting/Ground 33x1 151x2+
Electric/Ice/Fighting/Ground 33x1 151x2+

Although none of those number take into account which Pokemon you would want coverage for and simply which covers the largest number of Pokemon

Personally I prefer
Water/Electric/Psychic/Dark 48x1 136x2+
Because with Water/Electric/Psychic alone only Exeggcute/Exeggutor can resist it and I can swap out the last move depending on what I'm expecting to fight and still have great coverage. I tend to stick with Baddy bad for the reflect effect
Adding Grass provides no extra coverage
Fairy does add coverage against dragons but there aren't many and the only other Pokemon it helps against is Alolan Rattata/Raticate and Alolan Meowth/Persian, Ice is the better option beacuase it adds coverage to several bug and grass Pokemon most notably Exeggcute/Exeggutor

And certain moves are the only option for some Pokemon;
Double kick against pure normal
Iron Tail against Clefairy/Clefable, JIgglypuff/Wigglytuff
Freezy Frost against Zapdos
Sizzly Slide against Caterpie, Metapod and Pinsir
Dig against pure electric, Mega Charizard X, Alolan Grimer or Alolan Muk

Edit: Just noticed that Eevee can learn Dig. All of the moveset combinations excluded ground type attacks, I will recheck them with ground added at some point when I get a chance (probably) or if I'm asked.
Edit 2: Updated 2nd and Last paragraphs to include Dig

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Based on the effects given, I would say Bouncy Bubble, Buzzy Buzz/Sizzly Slide, Swirly Swirl, and Baddy Bad. Bouncy Bubble is basically the more powerful water type version of Giga Drain. It covers fire, rock, and ground. Any strong healing move like this is a move you would want to have. Buzzy Buzz and Sizzly Slide are both great moves with great effects. Buzzy Buzz covers water and flying, but ground is immune to it. Sizzly Sizzle covers grass, ice, bug, and steel. It's really up to you which one you want. I would personally say Sizzly Slide because of the burn. Burn slowly reduces your opponents HP and it halves their attack stat. Sparkly Swirl is a great one to have if you're in a tough spot status condition wise. It covers fighting, dragon, and dark. Eevee only has one weakness, that being fighting. The move I would have to say here is Baddy Bad. It covers psychic and ghost. Baddy Bad can reduce the damage received by fighting type Pokemon seeing as all fighting type moves in the game are physical. This combined with Sizzly Sizzle or Sparkly Swirl will give Eevee the upper hand against fighting types. If a fighting type does end up damaging you, just use Bouncy Bubble.

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