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So, I know the only reason Synchronoise Umbreon exists only to be helpful for that Egg Move. However I don't know which Eeveelution would work best. Espeon would be nice, if only it weren't Psychic type... maybe perfect ev training would make it useful. Honestly I just don't know. Is there anyway to make this move work?

EV training won't turn unviable moves into viable moves.
Yeah I just looked back into that a while ago
What format/rules are you playing with? Synchronoise might work in inverse battles.
Flareon could use it against Salazzle, possibly and the many Fire-Fighting Pokémon

Leafeon could use it against Breloom

I suggest looking at all the Fighting and Poison Pokémon and looking to see which ones share types with the Eeveelutions as well (aside from Umbreon).

Also, pay attention to which ones are Special-Attackers, otherwise Synchronoise won’t be as effective.
The obvious answer is Umbreon, silly

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On Espeon, synchronoise is almost always outclassed by psychic because there are more Pokemon that don't resist psychic. On all the other Eeveelutions, it's outclassed by hidden power because hidden power's type can change to hit whatever threat you want.