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For the 2013 June international wifi tournament, do they chose a certain number from each country or what? and do they choose from Malta?


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Every time you win a battle you get VR points(you start with 1500) and every time you lose you lose VR points. You get ranked according to the amount of points you have. The chances that you get an invitation for the VGC's rises the more often you get ranked in the top 100 in a couple of competition, so you usually don't get picked after you have been ranked in the top 100 once. So I would say it is better to battle a lot and lose/gain points then to battle and win a few times. But you should give it your best shot because some of the trainers out there are really powerful.

Conclusion: To get chosen you must be ranked high in countable competitions. After this you will usually get chosen for the VGC's

Hope I helped and good luck

Thanks,  I've done 46 battles and I've only got like 10 wins and my rank is 1363
60 battles and 1320 points -.- but like what i meant was, do they choose a number of players from france and italy and england for example or like can be all from one country?
It can be from every country. They don't choose concerning country but concerning rank. It is just that most of the chosen players are usually from Europe, America, Japan, because they usually get ranked high, but there have been people from various countries that have been chosen