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I need in every generation.

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There are so many things to do. Here's a brief list

  1. Complete the regional pokedex
    *this includes catching the legendaries

  2. Complete national pokedex (gen II on)

  3. Raise your Pokemon to level 100

  4. Take new Pokemon onto your team, and raise them to high levels
    *This can also include breeding Pokemon to get cool breeding moves and raising the eggs (gen II on)

  5. Challenge/defeat the battle institutions (the Battle Subway, Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, etc.)

  6. Safari Zone fun: catch all the safari zone Pokemon. In HgSs, customize the safari zone.

  7. Go competitive: begin breeding and training your Pokemon for good Ivs and natures, ev train them, and use them in competive battles

  8. Start over :p

Hope this helped.

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nothing yo have finished the game thats the end of the story mode all there is to do now is to catch all the Pokemon finish the pokedex and do a few side missions you may have missed in the story mode. Thats about it

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There is probably some post game stuff e.g. that island and stark mountain in platinum and the seven sages in black and white... there's also probably some ledgendaries to catch.

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There is probably some small stuff to do like in Black 2 you learn dive and search in the Abyssal Ruins.There are most likely some legendaries to catch that you wouldn't have been able to catch before.In Black 2/White 2 you can catch, for example, Mespirit, Azelf, and Uxie.But, you can only catch them AFTER the Pokemon League.Hope this helps.

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