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Has Team Rocket ever stolen one of Ash's Pokemon and kept it until the next episode?


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To my memory, there was one instance where that happened and it was in Unova.

When Ash & co. - including Meowth, who pretended to have left Team Rocket - visited Nimbasa, Team Rocket managed to capture all of their Pokemon (Ash, Iris & Cilan), including a lot of other Pokemon from the Pokemon centre as well.

They were rescued afterwards with help from the Subway Masters.

Black & White episodes - last 2 episodes on this list.

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So technically, they have never ended up ACTUALLY getting a Pokémon to give their boss.
They got Togepi once, but the boss didn't want it.
Not any of Ash's pokemon, but they did send a Yanma to Giovanni as well, but he sent it back to them, where it evolve into Jessie's Yanmega in Sinnoh
Now that I remember, there was Togepi, but the only good thing about it is it would make a "nice paperweight."