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I believe that would be no, because in Kalos Meowth went inside a pokeball

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Team Rocket (Jessie and James) have never caught Meowth. They have had many arguments and Meowth was never withdrawn into a Pokeball. I don't recall Team Rocket ever mentioning Meowth having a Pokeball. Besides, if they caught Meowth, then Pikachu wouldn't have been able to put Meowth in a Pokeball.

Pikachu leaps onto another conveyor belt and throws a Luxury Ball at Meowth, which hits and calls him inside nearly capturing him. Meowth manages to escape, although he did enjoy the feeling of the Luxury Ball, then continues after Pikachu

If Meowth was caught, then that wouldn't have been able to happen. Also on the Pokemon they caught, it says Travels with, not Caught or on hand.

Source: This, this for Pokemon Team Rocket caught, and I watched a helluva lot of Pokemon Anime.

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Did that really happen? I’ve haven’t watched the XY anime besides one or two episodes I watched on Cartoon Network when it still aired.
Yep it did in episode 79 of the XY anime.
And in Journeys, he mentions to Chloe that he was never caught.