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Team Rocket's Meowth knows how to talk in Pokemon anime. My freind said he ate a dictionary, but I dont think that's right.

Hmmm... this makes me wonder how in season 1 a wild ghastly can talk and another wild one can't.
Dat Ghastly is the The Maiden Ghost... It isn't a real Ghastly...
I though that Ghastly took the form of the Maiden Ghost.

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In the anime episode 72 - 'Go West Young Meowth', you get to see a flashback in which details Meowth's history and how he learned to talk. He was a stray who, when hungry, attempted to steal food and was not very successful. He came across a gang of Meowth, led by a wild Persian who gave him food and shelter so he decided to join this gang. One day he came across a trainer-owned Meowth by the name of Meowsy, whose trainer was extremely rich. He attempted to woo Meowsy but was rejected for being wild and dirty. He decided then, to be more like a human since Meowsy had a trainer, and learned to talk and walk upright by himself. He presented himself to Meowsy who rejected him for being a freak. He vowed since that day to become richer than that trainer in hopes to win her heart and then joined Team Rocket soon after.

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One thing you forgot to mention was that in that same episode, Meowth found out Meowsy had been released by the rich lady and was now with his old gang. But she STILL didn't want to be with him because he was a freak. And in one of their rare yet touching moments, James said, "Yes, but you're OUR freak!" (or something along those lines)
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Meowth learned how to talk. There was an episode in one of the older anime where Meowth loved another meowth but it said that he isn't enough like a person. So he learned how to walk on only his hind legs and he always copied what people said. Finally after a few days of trying meowth was able to speak.

i remember that episode.
I do too.