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This Question Is Really Bugging me.

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I recommend just watching the episode. http://pokemonepisode.org/episode-72-go-west-young-meowth/

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Meowth was trying to impress a female Meowth that he fell in love with, to make them stand out out of all of the other Meowth. (Meowths?) He failed to do so, and now he's stuck with a whole viewer's vocabulary in his lil' brain. xD

Also, the real reason they did this was to make them understand what Meowth is saying. Meowth creates most of the plots for Team Rocket and it would be pretty damn useless if the viewers didn't understand the language of Meowth. And also Meowth's ability to speak the viewer's language helps translate what other Pokemon are saying, which was also another reason Meowth knows the language.

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PS. The reason I'm saying the 'viewer's language' is that Meowth can speak Japanese too ;)

Source: Common Sense and Another Question I don't know the link to.

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In an old Kanto episode, Meowth's backstory was revealed. He was a streetcat in love with a beautiful aristocratic meowth owned by a wealthy woman. He professed his love, but he was rejected. The Meowth stated that she only liked humans, as they provided all her luxury and comforts. He then spent a long time hiding in the vent above a yoga class, learning to walk and talk by observing them. He then professed his love again, only to be rejected again for being a freak. The girl Meowth ended up in love with a dashing street persian, ruler of the local street gang, and Meowth eventually found a home with Team Rocket

Meowth has been I love with I dunno many girl pokemon. But- in one episode Meowth falls in love with a trouble making Purrlion, but so does Oshawatt (Meowth was traveling with the 'twerps'). But Purrlion was, I'm not kidding, a guy.

"So please baby, don't say no. Go out with me!" says Meowth. "Osha! Oshawatt!" Oshawatt begs. "Ugh, guys. You see, purrlion's a... guy." says the trainer.

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He taught himself to make himself stand out from other Meowth because he wanted to impress a Meowth that he liked.

Source: I used to watch the anime.