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I watch the anime a lot and when I was watching that episode in unova where they find that treasure full of evolutionary stones (I forgot what it was called) team rocket was guessing what the treasure could be and meowth said "gold, silver, ruby's, sapphires, diamonds, and pearls! you can never get enough diamonds and pearls!" Each of those things meowth said was also a name of a Pokemon game but then I watched Pokemon movie 9 the Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea and during a part of the movie team rocket where guessing what the treasure could be again and Jessie or james said "maybe diamond and pearls!" then meowth said "diamond and pearls! that should be a name of a game" well Pokemon diamond and pearl where made and they where a game too. But the funny thing is, this movie took place in generation 3 and diamond and pearl where in generation 4, so could meowth tell the future?

I looked this up on the internet but I got no results. So what team rocket said was intentional or where team rocket just pulling tricks on me?

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No, this isnt a predicting the future
Even though the 9th movie was released prior to the release of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, it was only by a few months (15th of July 2006 vs 28th of September). The existance of the games were widly known by the release of the movie. Thus, this was not a prediction, but merely breaking the fourth wall.
As for the reference to the gems in the Unova episode, the games in question had been out for years as of any Unova episodes release, thus that is also merely a reference and not a prediction.

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Don't take it seriously, it's just the people who make the anime throwing in some hints of games that will exist in the future, or just trying to see if people realised what they did.
Maybe there are some hints in the X and Y anime about omega ruby and alpha sapphire, or maybe generation 7, but that isn't confirmed

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Yeah, I was taking it a little bit to seriously, but thanks! :D