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Think about all the time, money, and resources those 3 have wasted trying to get their hands on one freaking Pikachu. Why would they think Giovanni would care so much about one Pikachu owned by some nobody? And even if Giovanni wants nothing more than to have Ash's Pikachu all to himself, why keep sending them when he has plenty more, and likely far more competent, members who could do the exact same job far more effectively?

EDIT: I heard a theory that Giovanni is Jessie's father, which could be a reason to keep her on Team Rocket, but this is yet to be confirmed or denied. Even if it's true, why let James and Meowth stick around?

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Ok, I'll go over these in order:

  1. Nobody knows why they haven't been fired. They stay around just so that the show can have a recurring, goofy antagonist, like most other children's shows.
  2. If I recall correctly, Ash's Pikachu is much more powerful than other normal Pikachus; it's gone head to head with many, many legendaries and other miscallenous powerful Pokemon and won, so having it on Team Rockets side would be quite beneficial. More to the point, though, catching Pikachu is not their primary goal: Giovanni just sends them from region to region to steal that regions Pokemon and just generally wreak havoc. However, they always get sidetracked by Pikachu because of it's power.
  3. He has. I don't know if you ever heard of Butch and Cassidy, but they are more competent members of Team Rocket that have at multiple points been sent in to capture Pikachu in place of Jessie and James. However, despite their overall competence compared to the regular trio, they still fair just as well in catching it; Ash and Pikachu are just that good.
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Jessie's mother, was on a search for mew, and died while searching and as sort of respect, he hasn't fired her.

so what about james and meowth?