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i've been every where!

Where is MissingNo located?

i've been every where!

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>Yancy and Curtis are caracter that whne you finish a sidequest with them will trade you Pokemon with hidden abilitys!And if your playing as the boy itll be Yancy but if you are playing as the female protagonist itll be Curtis.And to comeplete their sidequest you need to get the dropped item in Nimbasa City and then Curtis/Yancy will call you for the first time,then afterwards you just need to call them 10 times by standing on a certain tile and youll automaticly get a call from them.There and 50 possible tiles that you can step on to triger the call but only 10 is requiered to triger the second half.But after steping on 10 of the possible 50 tiles they will tell you that theyll be waiting at the fairys wheel in Nimbasa City then after riding the fairys wheel with the you will have to go to sertain location and check your Xtransever and then there should be a little bar on the side witch will indica you can scroll downards to view Yancy's/Curti's name and then just call 50 times(if I recall corectly) and then just meet them at the farys wheel.And after a romantic ride theyll trade with you so make sure you have one Pokemon that you would like to trade

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