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How can I get Sandslash with the Sand Rush ability without Dream World access?

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Unfortunately, it is merely impossible to get a Pokemon like this, without access to the Dream World. Merely because:

  • In Gen V breeding, the Pokemon that is in the egg is pretty much a direct copy of the mother. It inherits its ability (or one of it's abilities, anyway) and it inherits it's, well, 'Pokemon'. So really, that won't work.

  • This would have been possible in previous games, however, Sand Rush was introduced in Gen V (Pokemon Black (2) and Pokemon White (2)). You would have bred it and migrated it, in order for it to work.

Sorry. D:

EDIT: This is probably not what you want, but if you do own a Sandslash/shrew with the Sand Rush ability, and you just want another, simply put the Sandslash/shrew in the daycare, with any Pokemon on this page. The egg will be of your desire.

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Hmm yeah thanks for going into depth I'm not good at explaining things...
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You can breed a Sandslash with a female Pokemon who has Sand Rush as a ability, because DW abilities can be inherited, but it's a chance.

and the compatible parents is???
Female Excadrill with the ability Sand Rush.
aww, but that would be a Drilbur egg, not Sandshrew.