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As you may know, Shedinja only has 1HP. So if Shedinja had the Focus Band in battle, and it got hit by a super-effective move (which it can only be hit by due to Wonder Guard) would it faint or would it survive? Considering Focus Band will always work, as long as the Pokemon holding it is on full HP - technically, Shedinja is at full HP, so really nothing should happen to Shedinja. So, what would happen?

Another Shedinja question, what would happen if Shedinja got poisoned? For example, if this dialogue happened below:

>Wild Zubat used Poison Sting
>Shedinja got poisoned!
>Shedinja used Shadow Ball!
>It's a critical hit!
>The Wild Zubat fainted!
>Shedinja gained such-and-such EXP!
Immediately out of battle
>Shedinja survived the poisoning!

Would this happen because Shedinja's at 1HP already, and so he'd survive the poisoning straight away. Is this true?
All help appreciated. :)

I actually want to know that...

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It will work but the Focus Sash is consumed after the one super effective hit. So Shedinja will be able to live two hits before going down.

As for the second question you will find your answer in the blue part of this writing :P

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Sorry, I meant the Focus Item that will only hit if the user has Full Hp. Must be the Focus Sash. :P