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In the map description in for The Cave of Being it says you the deepest part of it leads to the Sinnoh region. Does it really?

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Yeah I was wondering about that too but then I figured it out myself that it doesn't lead to sinnoh
That is a good question, because i was wondering that too, but after ur question i feel smarter about that silly little cave
good question i was wondering that +1

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No, It doesn't, Otherwise Game Freak and Nintendo would have have to Make a tunnel leading to the Sinnoh Region, and, the region it self, otherwise People would complain. That, and it would take a LOT longer time to make the game, so there would be no point in making a tunnel leading to the Sinnoh Region. I think what the description was talking about was how the three Legendary Pokemon went from Sinnoh to Unova. The Cave of being is therefore only made for the Legendary Sinnoh Pokemon cut scene and its Mysteriousness and "Being . So There is my answer and I hope I helped you :)

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thanks that was really confusing me
Glad I could help :)
One guy said he got to a town from sinnoh
ugh i spent all this time on this game trying to find the 3 lake guardians to go to the sinnoh, and NOW i figure out i cant. :( I SPENT DAYS LOOKING FOR THE LAKE GUARDIANS. DAYS I TELL YOU, DAYS!!!!!!
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No, that is incorrect. The Cave of Being is just sitting there for the soul purpose of being mysterious, and 'being'.

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