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So, I was using my Boofles(a bouffalant w/ a nickname), and I had been using swords dance. you cant raise your attack higher than 6 stages with SD, when SUDDENLY! I was used a grass move upon! would this still raise my attack if it was already at the highest I can raise it?

P.S this never actually happened, and I dont own a Boofles, but I was just curious, because the sap-sipper page on Pokemon DB never said it couldnt. Just curious

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I <3 Sap Sipper. Its sounds Kewl :3
i totally agree with you there, flare. its the best sounding ability.

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No, sap sipper would not raise its attack any higher. This would only grant immunity to the grass move and would not give any further boost. +6 is the highest your attack will get raised.

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If a Pokemon with Sap Sipper is at +6 Attack and is targeted by a Grass-type move, it will still be immune to the Grass-type attack but will not receive further Attack boosts.

So no, It cannot get any further attack boosts. Source

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