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Acupressure =random stat.
Bulk up=attack and defense.
Calm mind= Special attack and special defense.
Charge beam=May raise users special attack.
Dragon dance=Attack and speed.
Fiery dance=May raise users special attack.
Flatter=confuses the opponent but raises the special attack stat by two stages.
Growth=attack and special attack.
Hone claws=attack and accuracy.
Meteor mash=May raise attack.
Ominous wind=May raise all stats at once.
Quiver dance=special attack,special defense,and speed.
rage raises users attack when hit.
shell smash= raises users attack,special attack but lowers speed,defense and special defense.
shift gear=raises users attack and speed.
silver wind=May raise all users stats at once.
swagger=Confuses the opponent, but raises its attack stat by 2 stages.
swords dance=attack.tail glow=Special attack.
work up=Attack and special attack
belly drum=user loses 50% of its max hp,
ancient power=May raise all users stats at once,
coil=attack,defense,and accuracy,
curse=Ghosts lose 50% of their max hp and curse the opponent but non-ghost type raises attack,defense but lowers speed.

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I thougth Shell Smash raises speed not lower
it does, fix your stuff Landorus....
fiery dance, charge beam, calm mind, flatter and quiver dance raise SPECIAL ATTACK, not attack, so you might want to be rid  of them.
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Acupressure, AncientPower, Belly Drum, Bulk Up, Coil, Curse, Dragon Dance, Growth, Hone Claws, Howl, Meditate, Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Ominous Wind, Rage, Sharpen, Shell Smash, Shift Gear, Silver Wind, Swagger, Swords Dance, Work Up