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So I was just recently getting back into an old favorite of mine (Double Battles), and I decided to give it a shot on Showdown. And my problem goes something like this...

Turn 1!

Lenub sends out Thunderus + Tyranitar

Stranger sends out Infernape + Cresselia

K, so I proceeded to Paralyze his Infernape (didn't go for Fake Out for some reason) with my Prankster Thundy, and then I was pretty confident that TTar could get a Crunch in on Cresselia before I die to Close Combat. But then...

Infernape moves before me! Even paralyzed, it managed to outspeed TTar. So this brings me here...

Does Paralysis in Doubles activate after the turn the targeted Pokemon gets paralyzed? Or did it simply mean that The Infernape was just faster than TTar in general (0 EV TTar, Max IVs)?

Well, in the Pokemon Games it can sometimes say 'The _____ is paralyzed! It can't move!' in the round it is paralysed. Is that what you're asking? o_O
No, im asking if the speed drop takes place in that same turn.

Sorry if i was unclear.
You say T-tar has max IVs in speed, so this may not work here, but if it had none and nape was choiced, it could outspeed you with paralysis.

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Even in doubles the effect of paralysation happens the turn is was brought over

Well there are 2 possibilities:

  1. The Infernape could have been Hasty what is probably the case and I am guessing you might have been running an Adamant or Naughty Tyranitar. Even when perfectly IV trained a Paralyzed Hasty Infernape can still outspeed a Tyranitar(When paralyzed it still has a speed total of 173/ Tyranitar 158)

  2. The other explanation for this is that Infernape was Hasty and scarfed and if paralyzed it could still outspeed(259.5)

The first option is probably the case

Hope this Helped

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