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For the most part, it's probably best when parents just back off and let their kids make decisions for themselves, ultimately allowing them to craft an identity of their own. But your parents in the Pokemon games let you battle monsters, travel the world, climb mountains, tromp through dangerous caves, and bust gangs at the age of, like, 10. Don’t get me wrong - that’s really cool. I wish that kind of stuff flew at my house growing up. But seriously, how did this become such a common practice?

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Is your mom insane, or just that cool? Was the title. Omigosh, I couldn't stop laughing. REALLY? Tch.

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It is actually simple. You shouldn't try to compare Pokémon with real life events because after all it is just a creative program, for example: Since Ash started his journey he was like 10, a few years later and he is still 10." The playable character in the games also lives in another dimension and in the Pokémon world it is very common that you get your first Pokémon at the age of 10 and go on a journey. Your mom is not aware that you have been busting gangs are something. All she knows is that your aim is becoming a Pokémon master.

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Even then you can decide to go to the Pokémon school or just start straight ahead. It is recommended that you go to a Pokémon school first :P
Yeah some kids start Pokémon school at 10 then start their adventure when they're teens.