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You know, spending it and just letting her keep it. Also does she actually spend your money or her own or stolen money XD.

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Mom Bulbapedia/ Mom Mom

I would say yes since she can get you some good items. I personally like that she gets you Super Effective berries. Those can be helpful in battle and are not easy to find. She also gets you things like a Focus Sash & Choice Scarf. Awesome. You might not like the Repel or potions too much, but she gets them for you only once.

In a nutshell, yes it is worth it. She will get you bad stuff at first, but the more you save, the more awesome the items become.

I got like 40 for each super effective berries!! She's awesome
The link was so not necessary.
I know, but it's my thing. Plus, i want to avoid him or her asking "Where is your proof??".