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*That she buys with your money :(


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so there are 2 kinds of items the mom gives :

unlimited times item and one time item

the one time items are :

super potions (2) ,repel ,moon stone ,silk scaf ,hyper potion ,choice scarf ,focus sash ,muscle band

so thos were the items you can get only once from the mom

now the unlimited items are the rssistence berries :

Occa Berry       
Passho Berry            
Wacan Berry           

Rindo Berry
Yache Berry

Chople Berry              
Kebia Berry              
Shuca Berry           
Coba Berry          
Payapa Berry    

Tanga Berry

Charti Berry             
Kasib Berry             

Haban Berry

Colbur Berry              
Babiri Berry             
Chilan Berry           
Liechi Berry              
Ganlon Berry             
Salac Berry
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She will buy you the following items:

  1. Repel
  2. Silk Scarf
  3. Super potion
  4. Moon Stone
  5. Hyper Potion
  6. Choice scarf
  7. Muscle Band
  8. Focus Band
  9. Occa Berries
  10. Passho Berries
  11. Wacan Berries
  12. Rindo Berries
  13. Yache Berries
  14. Chople Berries
  15. Kebia Berries
  16. Shuca Berries
  17. Coba Berries
  18. Papaya Berries
  19. Tanga Berries
  20. Charti Berries
  21. Kasib Berries
  22. Haban Berries
  23. Colbur Berries
  24. Babiri Berries
  25. Chilan Berries

Italics are one time.
Note: All of the berries weaken the foe's super-effective damage