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i have HG and i want to see which legendary i'll get after the game, KYOGRE or GROUDON.
i know that you get one after beating the elite four and stuff, you can go find them, but which one do you get in which game? i tried googling it, but i got nothing but crappy results :(


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You get Kyogre in HG. Groudon in SS. You need to obtain the Blue Orb for Kyogre, Red for Groudon. If you have both in your game (Both obtained from HG/SS) You can get the Jade Orb to obtain Rayquaza.

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Thanks a lot! Looks like i'll be training my raikou :)
Who removed that BA I recieved earlier?
Yes, to obtain Rayquaza, it absolutely HAS to be both a Groudon and Kyogre caught from Heart Gold and Soul Silver.