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Im not sure if it's allowed to ask this kind of question but I needed to know. I will be hopefuly getting Pokemon HG and I want an Ampharos badly, I am willing to train it up from Marrep but I need to know that it will last all the way through the game. P.S I will not be taking it into competitive battling so don't say anything about that, also, if anyone knows if Thunderbolt or Thunderpunch is usefull on it that would be helpful also.


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I think Amphraros is a solid electric type in HGSS.

You get it very early in the game, just before you face Falkner, which will be useful if you don't want a Geodude. It also learns Thunder Wave via levelling up, and since it's slow this is a good way for it to out speed its opponents. It doesn't learn T-bolt via level up though, but it does learn Discharge. Ampharos can also learn Light Screen and has respectable bulk to set up a Screen and Paralyse the opponent.

I wouldn't recommend any physical moves for it though, since its attack is so low. Signal Beam and Thunderbolt/ Discharge will be good moves for it. It's also a decent HM Slave, learning Flash, Rock Smash & Strength.

I asked is it worth it, not the best moveset lol
I'm explaining why Amphraros is worth it. I backed up my opinion with some facts, because this isn't a L'Oreal advert.
Oh, sorry its just i didn't get that  "a solid electric type in HGSS" ment that , which now that i say it makes me sound like an idiot.PS lol about the loriel thing and also im voting up because of the facts and answer
Ampharos will be even more worth it in the L'Oreal sense when it gets that fabulous hair from its Mega Evolution.
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