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I really can't decide. I know that Amphy doesn't have a great attack, but I don't want my Thunder missing a lot (or learning Rain Dance along with it, because I know it's not worth it) or because of the PP (Thunder Punch is 15, Thunder is 10)

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Thunder special, thunder punch physical, Ampharos is special user the answer is plain as the hair on Mega Ampharos
This is Gen 4...
Gen 4 is the physical special split gen
That's nothing to say Mega Ampharos doesn't have fabulicious hair.

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Thunder Punch may be more accureate but it cant Match Thunders Raw Power
Ampharos usually cant be OHKOed or 2HKOed so its not the end of Amphy if he misses
Also Thunderbolt could be an Option, Its right in between them power wise and More Accurate then thunder.

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What if he doesn't have the tm for tbolt.
I think there's a move called Discharge which he/she learns at level 40. Still pretty good, can hit all opponents (including allies which is the bad thing).