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There's been fire, normal, ice, thunder - why not Psychic and especially a Psychic kick ( psykick get it)

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But I like your idea, though it wouldn't work well...

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Well,first because the Fire,Ice and Electric have a lot of variation moves, like Fire Fang,Ice Fang and Thunder Fang. Flamethrower,Ice Beam,Thunderbolt. Fire Blast,Blizzard and Thunder. Ember,Powder Snow and Thundershock. also,since Psychic-Type attacks tend to be Special,Psi Kick or Psi Punch wouldn't go well

There are Zen Headbutt so why not have a Zen Punch/Zen Kick?
There has also been Psycho Cut , another physical psychic attack.
This would be the perfect opportunity to create M.Bison's favourite attack  PSYCHO CRUSHER!