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Ambipom @ Normal Gem
Trait: Technician

Low Sweep would be powered up by Technician yes?
So my question is which is better? Mainly to deal with walls such as Registeel and Snorlax so I'm not worried about the weight part of Low Kick.
And would Low Kick be powered up by Technician or not?

Low Kick, having no Base Power, would not be powered up by Technician.
K, so which do you think is better for Ambi?
Personally, I'd go with Low Sweep.
K, If you answer with that I'd give you BA.
Nah, I don't feel like answering. But thanks.

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Low sweep

Because It powers up with technican and using Low kick just get powerfull against some Pokemon it is better to have a move that always have the same base power

///Jofly hope this helps

Jump up and Low sweep like a ninja.

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The following Pokemon take 120 base damage from Low Kick:


Bronzong, take 100

Actually there are more, but these are ones you should worry abut in UU

Low Kick's point is to hit the rocks and steels that resist your STAB, and those types are pretty heavy, giving you a powerful low kick more often than not, and it will get powered up by technican when the power is low enough