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I'm going through the Battle Hall with my Espeon, knowing mostly special moves. I want to go up against low Special Defense types, so that I have an advantage. Any help?


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Well, if you're going through the Battle Hall, there isn't much you can do except edit your own Moveset, and select the types of Pokemon you wish to battle.

If you want to fight Pokemon with a low special defense, that cannot be determined. Most of the low stages of any type will be Pokemon with pretty low stats, if you want an advantage, learn the types that your moves will do super effective damage to; that will give you an edge.

Good advice. If you look at http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all and order by special defense you'll see a wide mix of types. Psychic types are probably slightly higher in SpDef than anyone else but you'll be able to OHKO everything for the first few rounds anyway.

Oh and also: make sure you have something that can beat Shedinja, either a type advantage or an indirect hit like Toxic/Hail/Sandstorm.
Oh gosh, DEFENITELY have something that will kill Shedinja.
I'm fine with Shedinja. Kina (My Espeon's name) knows Shadow Ball.