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i am really having trouble on deciding which move to use for an aggron since both have their pros and cons. superpower is powerful but lowers its attack and defense everytime you use it..so aggrons high defense will get lowered and his high attack too. low kick depends on how heavy the opponent is and most steel and rock types who are weak to low kick are heavy anyway but some are really light and low kick might not do anything to them. which one do you guys think is better competitively?

Since I am all about pure power movesets (most of the time), I would say Superpower-but pp wise (which I am becoming more aware of (like having only 5 pp moves is not wise)) Low kick would also be good because    a lot of black and white are more-or-less heavy. The Reason this is not a answer is because I don't have a real answer going. But going of this advice, I advise you to consider both and choose based on what you think would fit your Aggron the best. H.T.H
i think i am going with superpower because what like mew said, theres alot of switching in competitive battles so im going for the pure power and the stat drop wont matter after switching. but i dont play black and white, i only play soulsilver so pokemon like ferrorthorn wont matter to me
Good to know! Thats what I would've done too. Just think about it-SUPERPOWER to the rescue! Hands down! Good choice! :D

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Use Superpower.
Since switching is so common in competitive battling, you shoukdn't have a problem.

ok thanks i think im going with superpower and yea aggrons vulnerable to some common attacks so switching is necessary i guess