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I have a Pokemon Black & White 2 guide and I was looking at the Medal Section. One of them was the "Battle Guru" Badge. In order to obtain this medal It says you must obtain the other 55 Battle medals to obtain. 4 of the Battle Medals involve exploring area 5 and 10 of the Black tower and the White Tree Hollow. So how is this Possible? Or was it just a typo?

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Yes it is possible to go to White Forest if you know someone with White 2 and they have the Whitetree Hollow key. Which is where Unova Link comes in and voilà you now have the key to Whitetree Hollow.

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Well, I haven't been researching this a lot, but according to Bulbapedia once the White 2 player completes Area 5 of the White Treehollow, he can send the Treehollow Key to Black 2, in order for them to access the place.

So, you must complete White Treehollow - Area 5 in White 2 so you can send the Treehollow Key to Black 2, in order for your Black 2 player to access.

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Source: Bulbapedia

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