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I have a few questions actually, I think I understand the locations in Black 2 and White 2. If there's something complicated about them though feel free to give me a heads up. Anyway, got my questions in a nice little list.

The 10 days to get there before people start leaving, is it by the ds clock or by the grace of god the time played? Kinda assume the former but I'm hopeful.

Is the size permanent, or does it actually get bigger if you bring in more people?

With bringing in more people, does it actually take the away from their white forest/ black city?

Is there a limit to how many can be brought over? Also curious how it looks, gonna be my first time getting to either, playing both Black and White.

Do the 10 that are there cycle with those that can possibly be there? Or, and I'm kinda dreading this, does it give you 10 and those are your 10 until you let someone leave.

How many are there if you make it without losing anyone? Kinda goes along with the question above.

Is there a limit to how many can be brought in per day or anything?

Would you be able to fill an empty city/ forest if you have the opposite game no matter what? like say both games had an empty forest and city, would using entralink show you 10 people to recruit?

Any other tips or tricks I should know? Like on Bulbapedia for White Forest it says "NPCs that have left will be visible to other players in Entralink. If this area becomes full, no more will leave, even if their score reaches zero." Which I'm taking to mean if you fill your white forest none will leave. I may be misinterpreting that though.

Thank you. These are actually my questions after going through bulbapedia and serebii
No offense but this question list is far too long to answer in 1 time.

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