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I have a copy of black and white each, and via entralink I talked to the black city residents with white version and talked to the white forest residents with black version. Through this I got 3 residents to move from black to white, and 3 to move from white to black. After that I can't seem to grow my black city and white forest any further. Subsequent entering into entralink of each side, the remaining residents do not give me the option to bring them from white to black or from black to white. Any solutions?

Do i have to enter different white-forests/black-cities each time? i.e. different white-forests/black-cities belonging to different profiles?


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Yes is the short answer. You can only bring residents from the same games profile into a another game once. this is mainly to stop people from bringing in too many people from the same game.Do you have any other friends that can connect with you? Other than that, you cant get any more people on your white forest and black city apart from just visiting them ever single day and battling/catching pokemon.

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Battling/Catching only maintains the residents but does not cause more to appear right? In the long run eventually they will all disappear if I dont replenish them constantly from "new" game profiles. Is there a workaround to this?
if you keep battling/catching the pokemon and talking to them, then they wont leave.