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You can get all TMs multiple times by trading.
However, for ingame only, the TMs you can get multiple times are:

-Hidden Power
-Ice Beam
-Hyper Beam
-Light Screen
-Double Team
-Fire Blast
-Secret Power

Check out the Slateport Market, Mauville Game Corner, Lilycove Department Store, and Pacifidlog Town to get these TMs.

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In theory, you can. Because you can buy say for example TM Hyper Beam twice from the shop, and you can buy TM Thunderbolt, but you can also find it in an area. So you can't "fine's two TM's twice, but you can get 2 of the same by buying one and finding one.

Do you know whether you can buy ALL TMs?
Some cannot be bought, and can thus only be obtained once, such as TM 50 Overheat.
The ones given to you by gym leaders.
They are exclusive to GL's