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I'm asking a lot of questions about thundurus. Well, here's my question now: Someone's Hitmonlee used close combat on my full-hp thundurus-T without the trick room effect, and somehow it went first. must be a glitch...

did the Hitmonlee use a previous move that utilized a gem?
Were the items quick claw or custap berry involved?
No items were involved at all. Hitmonlee hit first and there was no trick room either.
It could always be hacked...
This is completely ruining my preparation for nationals. I had 12 consecutive wins against other competitive teams until that hitmonlee came along and OHKO'D my thundurus, who should be resistant to fighting type moves. This is like the 2nd time i asked about a pokemon outspeeding my thundurus, and i get the same results. Lol
hitmonlee could have unburden but im 5 years late :/

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At level 100, Hitmonlee's speed ranges from 161 to 300. Thunderus therian form's speed ranges from 186 to 331 at level 100. Therefore Hitmonlee can still strike first.

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Sorry, I'm not very good at grammer. :D
My thundurus is as fast as it can possibly be. It can't be faster
It could always be a scarf.
The hitmonlee wasnt scarfed. I saw it use detect the turn before
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My guess would be a Quick Claw or Custap Berry activated, or it was holding a Choice Scarf.

I saw hitmonlee use detect the turn before, and it had full HP.