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I was doing a wifi battle. My opponents Venusaur used Sleep Powder before my Prankster Thundurus could use Taunt on it.

How can Venusaur move before Prankster Thundurus on the first turn? In the end, I lost from getting hit by 8 Critical Hits in a row. Can someone explain...?

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Hacks/other forms of cheating.
Even on DS there is ways of cheating. Theres an app for that. Seriously, I dont have it, but check it out [HERE][1]

  [1]: http://www.pokecreator.com/app/#sthash.TZzXMnyX.22TFP9UH.dpbs
We already determined it was a glitch
Their Venusaur must've had something that brings up speed since it was still a bulbasaur... Then used the vitaman drink for raising speed... Either that or it is hacked or a glitch... I believe thoes are the only ways it could outspeed Thundurus.
That would not have mattered. Prankster gives Taunt priority, so it would have gone first even if Venusaur was faster than Thundurus, which is what makes this situation so strange.
He was doing a wifi-battle, (it says in his description), this leaves only one option:

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It isn't exactly easy to get into a wifi-battle with hacked Pokémon and it is infact impossible. Any suspicious traits with one of your Pokémon and the Random Matchup will state: " There was a problem with your Pokémon and they couldn't participate. The only way he could have entered the Random Matchup is if he performed a major glitch, other then this, ther is no-other way to outspeed a Prankster Thunderus unless you are using another Prankster Thunderus

If your opponent has a Pokémon Global link account, this can be viewed. The penalty for a glitched action usually leads to being disabled from Random Matchups or any WI-FI involved action on the game he registered on the Global link

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typical wifi-trolls ¬.¬
If he glitched he will also be prohibited from participating in any WI-FI Tournament
Wait, theoretically if thundurus doesn't have max speed, venusaur does, venusaur has a custap berry and has prior damage it could go first. This is a VERY unlikely scenario however.