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I'm still dealing with my Kartana problem and I can't fit Celesteela on one of my teams due to how much it needs Skarmory. I could use my Garchomp to kill it in one shot but I don't wanna risk a leaf blade crit and Magnezone isn't exactly an option for the team. So other than hidden power fire, are there other moves that these two can use to kill Kartana from full hp?

Tangrowth gets Focus Blast if you wanted to be offensive, but I doubt that's what its main purpose was intended to be. That's the only other one I can see.
This is a comment on your initial question, but I figured I would put it here. Would a Scarfed Zebstrika with it’s HA work with the rest of your team? Zeb can learn Overheat, would be immune to Leaf Blade and outspeeds Kartana. Your opponent probably wouldn’t expect it.
Oh god no. That dumb move never hits
@stateside_heavy Nope. I'm using a sand team so I can't fit in Zebstrika

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Tangrowth has access to Focus Blast that will surely OHKO due to Kartana's low special bulk.

Tangrowth also has access to Natural Gift, so if you make it hold a Cheri, Occa, Bluk, or Watmel Berry, it can use a 4x effective fire move. (You need full EVs in attack plus an attack boosting nature to actually KO, though. Bluk and Watmel Berry are also recommended to ensure the KO) Venusaur also has access to Natural Gift, but only if you transfer it up from Gen 4 after it's taught Natural Gift via TM.

Hope this helped!

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What about for Venusaur?
Oops nevermind. I misread the answer. So those are the only methods for Venusaur and Tangrowth to kill Kartana in one hit?
Yeah, other than Hidden Power, Focus Blast, and Natural Gift. No Specs or Banded attacks from either Tangrowth or Venusaur KO Kartana from full HP.

Edit: Actually, if you make Kartana fall asleep, Choice Banded Max Attack EVd Wake Up Slap from Tangrowth can guaranteed OHKO.
I see. But none of the two can learn spore right?

Thanks for the answer
even if they did learn spore, it wouldn't affect kartana because it's a grass type
they both can get sleep powder though!
Looks like I'm just gonna have to take Kartana head on. I don't wanna use miss powder
Sleep powder can't hit grasses either. Just use hidden power.